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What does "On FedEX vehicle for delivery" mean when the estimated delivery is the next day?


  1. life coach says:

    It may come today, tomorrow at the latest.

  2. spiders says:

    it means it comes today

  3. katydint says:

    It’s been loaded onto the truck but you won’t receive it until the scheduled due time.
    Eeeeeeverybody gets their special scheduled time & everybody has to wait for that moment.
    Heck, if I mail a letter to myself, it goes OUT of Santa Cruz, through the mountains to San Jose, then comes back INTO Santa Cruz the next day and delivered to my place after 3pm..
    Well-traveled mail!

  4. scott k says:

    That means the driver took the package "on road". It gives the driver the option to deliver it a day early. Chances are you’ll get it early, hooray for the bad economy.

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