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What are the 13 characteristics that every Chipotle employee should have?

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  1. Abby says:

    1. Ambitious
    2. Happy
    3. Smart
    4. Polite
    5. Respectful
    6. Honest
    7. Conscientious
    8. Presentable
    9. Curious
    10. Motivated
    11. Hospitable
    12. High Energy
    13. Infectiously Enthusiastic!!!

    I’m going in for my second interview on Wednesday. Study a bit about the founder guy, Steve, and what he’s all about. Understand the history and standards of Chipotle. Most importantly, go in with with all those characteristics and they’ll love you! Watch the video in the link and you’ll see that there’s nothing to fear. Every Chipotle worker is lively and polite. They only hire people with very positive attitudes. Also, check out some other videos on Youtube or directly on the Chipotle website. Get as much info as you can. You’ll do fine. Good luck!

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